Creating lasting value through experience and engagement


Creating lasting value through experience and engagement


Creating lasting value through experience and engagement


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Randolph Acquisitions is a Publicly Traded Company that engages in Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions, Real-Estate Acquisitions, Corporate Financial Negotiations and Asset Management. In one of the most volatile markets the world has ever seen, few companies have the business savvy and experience to maintain a profitable balance sheet. We have a strategy that has allowed us to consistently leverage upcycles, weather downturns, and achieve growth and value targets.

As we have seen, commodities, specifically oil & natural gas; along with precious metals, have maintained a sense of stability amidst market flash crashes and market corrections. Several opportunities lie waiting for the right, experienced investors to come along and take advantage of them.

At Randolph Acquisitions, our mission is to identify sound positions within the marketplace for the benefit of our clients, partners and shareholders.

Our Mission

Randolph Acquisitions business model is based on the largest and fastest growing industries, from a global macro-economic perspective; debt markets, technology and real estate. The opportunities currently present from competitive stock prices, underpriced real estate and the purchasing power that can be presented through leveraging, allows our company to acquire positions within the market for financial optimization.

The success of our business model is rooted in our portfolio of mergers and acquisitions, which we select using an Asset Acquisitions strategy of identifying high-yielding, high-caliber projects/companies that have specific, well-articulated value creation ideas. As a part of this strategy, RAI allocates dollars to purchase alternative assets selected to bolster the Randolph Acquisitions’ balance sheets and make our company strategically positioned to reduce investor’s risk and increase returns.


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